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Professional Development & Recognition Programme (PDRP)

Reflection in Nursing Practice
Reflective Practice in Nursing 4th edition, Bulman & Schutz, 2008)

What is reflection?

“…reflection as reviewing experience from practice so that it may be described, analysed, evaluated and consequently used to inform and change future practice.”

Why are nurses interested in reflection?

Nursing like other professional groups, has recently moved to higher education which has meant working in an educational system which has traditionally divided theoretical & practical knowledge.

Nurses develop a ‘feel’ for what they do “practically and bodily so that it becomes part of the knowing process” but cannot always be verbally expressed ‘we know more than we can say’. Nurses need adequate ways to express themselves and reflection is  has the potential to prove such means.

Why reflection?

Nursing is a practice discipline; effective preparation of nurses means that we can effectively and competently care for our patients and continue to develop skills over a professional life time.

Nurses reflect because it provides a tool or mechanism “through which they can communicate and justify the importance of practice and practice knowledge.”

What does reflection have to offer?

Reflecting on practice provides us with an opportunity to learn from it.

There are two very simple models to use to reflect in practice. Please click on the below links to view the two models/cycles of reflection. You can print these out to be used as tool when writing evidence for your portfolio.

A Model of Structured Reflection (Driscoll 2007)


The Reflective Cycle (adapted from Gibbs et al. 1998)




Published:  27-Feb-2013

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