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 Science Fest 2014


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A Celebration of Excellence in Research, Quality and Innovative Practice

Science Fest 2014 has come and gone and was a great celebration of the quality, innovation and research that is occurring within our organisation and beyond.


Thank you to all participants who applied and shared the projects they have been working on.  The judges had a hard time deciding winners but managed in the end to come to a consensus. 

The winners are:


Category I: ‘Clinical Excellence’:

  • Poster Presentation winner is Elizabeth Nevill for her presentation titled “Effect of Delayed Cord Clamping
    on Breathing and Transition at Birth in Very Preterm Infants”.

  • Oral Presentation winner is Amanda Shapleski for her presentation on “Early Support Discharge for Stroke”.

Category II: ‘Education Excellence’:

  • Poster Presentation winner is Eunicia Tan and team, for their presentation titled “Flipped Classroom Approach to In-house Teaching in the Emergency Department”.

  • Oral Presentation winners are Bobby Milne and Lynne Ferguson for their presentation on “A Randomised Parallel-Group Study of Group Education vs Standard Care in Subjects with Type 2 Diabetes”.

Category III: ‘Process and Systems Excellence’:

  • Poster Presentation winner is Andy McLachlan and team for their presentation titled “The Development and Implementation of a Cardiac Rehabilitation Tracking System”.

  • Oral Presentation winner is Andrew Brainard for his presentation on “The MMH ED Airway Registry: An Innovative Quality Improvement Project”.

Category IV: ‘Research Excellence’:

  • Poster Presentation winner is Russell Smart and team for their presentation titled “THESOS: The Stress of a Smokefree Environment”.

  • Oral Presentation winner is Mike Meyer for his presentation on “Use of Heated, Humidified Gas for Stabilisation of Preterm Infants: A Randomised Controlled Trial”.

Category V: ‘Supporting Excellence in Patient and Whaanau Experience’:

  • Poster Presentation winner is Shelley Kennedy and team for their presentation titled “Sensory Modulation in Mental Health”.

  • Oral Presentation winners are Leona Didsbury, Pamela Low, Merle Samuels and Gary Sutcliffe for their presentation on “Kia Kaha”.

For more information contact Angela Bennett, ext 2881, or Val McCullough, ext 2822.



Published:  04-Aug-2014

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