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For the past few months I have watched Ko Awatea take shape and with less than two months to go, until the official opening on 21 June 2011, I can see the amazing potential this new innovation centre will have for improving the health of our patients, the health of our community and the jobs that we do. 

While a lot of work has been going on behind the scenes, I’m mindful there is always more we should do to share information about Ko Awatea’s meaning, purpose, function and in particular what this new centre will mean for you, your job, the patients you look after and the community you serve. Rest assured we are stepping up our communication efforts, and our small but enthusiastic team will try to ensure that your questions and concerns are answered.

Nothing beats face to face communication so over the next few weeks I’ll be talking to people from all around the organisation, sharing key activities and getting your ideas and thoughts about some of the activities you would like to see coming in and out of Ko Awatea, the resources that may be required, any potential barriers you may see and effective solutions.

We are aiming to attend all the meetings we can, so please don’t hesitate to invite us if we haven’t approached you already. We will also be holding a staff open day on 16 May, so come along, take a tour and use this opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the Centre.

We will be updating you on a regular basis, so please take the time to read this fortnightly newsletter and become involved with the activities we have planned over the coming weeks. If you would like one of the Ko Awatea team to come and talk to your department/service, please let us know via our new email address:   koawatea@middlemore.co.nz

Professor Jonathon Gray, Director Ko Awatea

What is Ko Awatea?

Ko Awatea is not just a building or an empty space waiting to be filled. This new and exciting innovation centre is about people and supporting them to provide the best care they can for their patients and community ...

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What will Ko Awatea mean for me?

As we go around talking to people, we have learned that Ko Awatea can offer different things ...

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Some of the key activities coming out of Ko Awatea

As mentioned earlier I'd like to work with you on determining what some of these key activities can be. 

In my mind I see Ko Awatea running a series of seminars addressing the ‘wicked problem’ which feature local, national and international experts in their field. 

I see Ko Awatea providing a wide range of courses, not only for our students but for our staff to up-skill and develop their careers. It’s a 5+ year process – building great healthcare professionals with great improvement skills. 

I see innovative ideas and healthcare initiatives being developed and driven by the DHB with Ko Awatea’s support and I see a series of health campaigns  which make a difference to the people we care for both here in the hospital and in the community.  

Most of all I'd like to see some clear outcomes as a result of the work we are doing, backed up by the data and research that shows we are heading in the right direction.

What would you like Ko Awatea to deliver? We’d love to hear your ideas so drop us an email at koawatea@middlemore.co.nz


There is a very special story associated with the naming of Ko Awatea.  Bernard Te Paa, General Manager Maori Health takes us on the journey behind the name.

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Inside Ko Awatea

All of the spaces within Ko Awatea have been set up with the latest technology and have been designed to encourage the sharing of knowledge and ideas. 

Take a look inside


We need your help to come up with an 'original' quote, that will be displayed (with others) along the corridor that leads to Ko Awatea.  This corridor is where the journey to Ko Awatea begins and ends and will be travelled by staff, students, public and visiting academics from all around the world.

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Key dates for your calendar

There is an extensive list of meetings and informal visits already in place – please contact us if your team wants us on your agenda.

  • Staff Open Day at Ko Awatea - 16 May 2011

  • Ko Awatea booking schedule available - May 2011

  • Jonathon's Blog up and running - May 2011

  • Ko Awatea website goes 'live' 20 May 2011

  • Ko Awatea opens its doors - 13 June 2011

  • Official opening - 21 June 2011

  • Centre occupied by MIT, AUT and University of Auckland students - July 2011

Did you know ....

That 60% of funding for Ko Awatea comes from our partners:  AUT, MIT and the University of Auckland




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