An Immense Thank You

Posted by Geraint Martin on 5 September 2011 |

I’m breaking with convention this week and blogging on a Monday because I think the situation calls for it.

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I Can See Clearly Now

Posted by Geraint Martin on 5 August 2011 |

Last month I made the offer to shadow staff for two half days each month. It’s generated huge interest and I’m now booked till the end of the year. Even so, I’m leaving the offer open so it’s not too late for any of you to invite me along to your workplace.

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The Third Revolution

Posted by Geraint Martin on 29 July 2011 |

My career in healthcare started almost 30 years ago after I left university, where I’d been studying Modern History. It’s an unusual degree with which to embark on the career path I’ve taken but, though I’ve since done a Masters of Management and Health Policy, I still think history has its place. Thinking about where we have been can often provide a great perspective on the current challenges we face.

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The Arrival of Winter

Posted by Geraint Martin on 22 July 2011 |

Those of you who’ve seen me over the last couple of weeks may have realised that I’ve been suffering from a large dose of man flu – a man flu that doesn’t seem to want to go away despite my flu immunisation. At the same time I’ve noticed how many colleagues have been off or also suffering from the dreaded lurgy. All of which adds up to the realisation that winter is upon us, even if the weather doesn’t always feel like it.

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Looking Back and Going Forward

Posted by Geraint Martin on 15 July 2011 |

When I get the opportunity, I like to spend time simply walking around Middlemore. Recently I was doing just that with someone who hadn’t been there for a year or two. They were astonished at how far MMH had come, in terms of the hospital’s facilities, in such a short period of time.

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Starting a Two-Way Conversation

Posted by Geraint Martin on 8 July 2011 |

I’m delighted to have had lots of feedback about this blog since I revived it a month ago, with people across the organisation commenting on its content and style, and, most pleasing of all, taking me up on my offer to shadow staff for two half days each month (Come Fly With Me, July 1 2011). Soon I’ll be shadowing staff in our Ophthalmology Department and taking a closer look at what their roles involve. Thanks to those who invited me along – I look forward to spending time with you soon. The invitation – to have me shadow you or to shadow me as CEO – will remain open to everyone in the organisation. Just send me an email – – I’m always open to hearing from you.

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Come Fly With Me

Posted by Geraint Martin on 1 July 2011 |

This week I have three challenges for you…

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What are your top 10?

Posted by Geraint Martin on 24 June 2011 |

It’s almost the end of the financial year and I’m pleased to report that, despite the difficult environment in which we’ve been operating, CMDHB has performed extraordinarily well over the last 12 months. This is largely thanks to Thriving in Difficult Times – a hugely successful project which this year has saved us somewhere in the region of $10 million.

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The Challenge of 2013

Posted by Geraint Martin on 17 June 2011 |

What a week – both for New Zealand, with the volcanic ash and earthquakes in Christchurch, and also for CMDHB as we count down to the opening of Ko Awatea. My heart goes out to Cantabrians who are living through these earthquakes and the associated uncertainty and disruption. I’m sure you join with me in sending them our support.

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Inventing Our Future

Posted by Geraint Martin on 10 June 2011 |

More than a year has passed since I last updated my CEO blog. I launched it in 2009 with great hope for its potential and determination to keep it updated regularly. Despite good intentions, this soon didn’t happen.

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