Is starting a conversation about death and dying a kind thing to do?

Posted by CEO Blog on 12 April 2016 |

Saturday (16 April) is Conversations that Count Day – a national initiative led by a co-operative of hundreds of people across New Zealand’s health system that is encouraging us to have a ‘Conversation that Counts’. That is, talk to those we care about and with those who will care for us as the end approaches about what we would want for ourselves.

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Your family want you home happy and safe at the end of the day

Posted by CEO Blog on 30 March 2016 |

ACC and WorkSafe New Zealand recently launched a series of television advertisements centred on health and safety in the work place. The campaign called ‘Home Time’ is designed to raise awareness about health and safety, and challenge Kiwis to make our workplaces safer and healthier for everyone. The advertisement showed workers returning home healthy and safe at the end of the day. It is a powerful message. As an organisation with over 6000 staff, CM Health takes health and safety very seriously and while safety is everyone’s business, there is a core team from Occupational Health and Safety who come to work each day to help people stay safe and well.

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Making a life changing choice

Posted by Arthur Te Anini and Geraint Martin on 17 March 2016 |

There are moments in our lives where we have to make choices.  Some may be simple choices, for example, deciding what to eat for lunch and some can be life changing. For example giving up smoking, losing weight, taking on a new job or going on a trip of a lifetime.

The other day I came across a story written by an inspiring man called Arthur Te Anini.  Arthur is a Rainbow Volunteer at CM Health and for many years battled with his health and his weight. Recently Arthur made a life changing choice.  He shares his story with us.

Our health professionals have the knowledge and tools at their disposal to help get the best health outcomes for their patients.  While that’s good news for the people who Aruchoose to take up this option, there are many people in our community who are doing it on their own and just getting by.  The problem is when you don’t take ownership of your health condition and have a self-management plan or support in place, you tend to end back at square one, making the same bad choices, eating the wrong kind of food, sitting on your behind watching TV, not exercising, putting on weight and de-socialising.

That was me a few months ago. At the time, I was extremely obese, 174kg, and breathless every step I took, with the aid of my walker. Moving was hard work. I would walk 10 steps then collapse on the seat of the walker, puffing and sweating.  After awhile it got too hard.  I wouldn’t go anywhere.   Then after a stint in hospital, due to a flare up of my COPD (Chronic Obstructive Respiratory Disease) my physio referred me to the Otara Better Breathing group. I loved it straight away.  The parking was free, and there were people there just like me, from all walks of life from Dannemora to Hunua, and everywhere in-between. The physiotherapist and nurses are amazing and friendly, and if you want to know what support feels like, you’ll find it here.   Answers as to why my lung is so spongy and why I am not carrying enough oxygenated blood to my heart were just a few of the many queries covered in my self-management plan.

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Geraint ask me anything

Ask me anything

Posted by CEO Blog on 2 March 2016 |

In a previous blog I mentioned how hard it is to have a relationship with someone you don’t know and with over 6,500 staff working at CM Health, it's a challenge to personally connect with each person who works here.  While social media is making it easier to reach people on a global scale,  I’d like to take a more personalised approach by introducing my latest initiative called “Ask Me Anything” (AMA).

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Healthy Together

Posted by CEO Blog on 26 February 2016 |

Counties Manukau Health is going from strength to strength. No matter how tough it gets we’re performing well on a national scale and have worked hard to maintain a strong financial future. To perform well in the future however we need to be ahead of the game. Healthy Together 2020 outlines a plan to transform the way we deliver quality healthcare to our growing and aging population across Counties Manukau. The work undertaken by Project SWIFT last year helped us identify how IT can support that transformation by assisting and improving the way health practitioners and care providers deliver services to patients and communities.

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We are the village that raises our children

Posted by CEO Blog on 15 February 2016 |

Most of us, when we look back on our lives, could probably reflect on some critical moments, events or people who had a significant impact for better or worse. There will be many that we take for granted – the warm house that our parents/guardians provided, a safe environment where family and friends affirmed and encouraged us as we grew up giving us self-confidence to ‘give it a go’.

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Geraint 2015.350

A close encounter with a bench saw

Posted by Geraint Martin on 27 January 2016 |

Last week I talked about our values - wanting to embed our values of Together, valuing everyone, Excellent and Kind. This week I received, absolutely coincidentally, a letter from The Right Reverend John Bluck, retired Anglican Bishop of Taranaki, and previously Christchurch. This letter tells of his Middlemore experience, following a nasty accident with a drop saw while making a Christmas gift for one of his grandchildren. Rev Bluck's honest account of his stay at Middlemore in the plastics ward under the care of Plastic Surgeon Murray Beagley, to me epitomises what we are trying to achieve and why I love this job so much. 

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happy new year 2016

Happy New Year

Posted by CEO Blog on 20 January 2016 |

Happy New year and welcome back. I hope that you, like me have had a great break and are looking forward to the new challenges that this year will bring.

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A Christmas Miracle

Posted by CEO Blog on 16 December 2015 |

My final blog this year is about a 15-year old boy called Pae, who was admitted to Middlemore Hospital with two life threatening conditions. Thanks to his supportive family and incredible teamwork by the staff looking after him, Pae defied all odds and continues to grow stronger every day. Pauline Owens, Stroke Nurse Specialist shares Pae’s story.

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Geraint 2015.350

I may be the CEO but ultimately I work for you

Posted by CEO Blog on 9 December 2015 |

Each month I look forward to 'welcome day', where I get to meet and welcome new staff to our organisation. One of the things I like to talk about is relationships. CM Health is a fantastic organisation and we are on a great journey of positive change and improvement. However to make change happen you need to have a relationship with someone.   It’s hard to have a relationship with someone you don’t’ know and although I would love to personally meet everyone who works here, with over 6,500 staff it’s a big challenge. But there are ways I can establish a virtual relationship, which is why our blogs (CEO, Team Counties and Ko Awatea) and social media channels are so important, not only to share information but to stimulate conversation.

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