Pacific health services

Talofa lava, Malo e lelei, Kia orana, Fakalofa atu, Halo olgeta, Mauri

Our vision is to implement Fanau Ola to achieve better health and wellbeing for Pacific families.

Our Fanau Ola approach acknowledges the spirit, heart, mana and inherent dignity of Pacific fanau/families.  Through the implementation of Fanau Ola, Pacific families will be supported to build their capacity to transform their lives.

The Fanau Ola approach provides a holistic framework, a tailored pathway for our Pacific, fanau and communities that encompasses many dimensions of family life including their goals; family and social relationships; cultures and languages; physical; mental and emotional health; education; economic contexts and their unique circumstances.

Fanau Ola is realised and achieved when Pacific fanau experience positive health, social, cultural, spiritual, economic and educational outcomes & Pacific fanau are empowered and have the capacity, skills and support to plan and pursue their own futures

Many of our Pacific patients and fanau face challenges and constraints, including poverty, overcrowded housing, a lack of quality education and unemployment that has resulted in poor physical, mental and emotional health outcomes.  Our Fanau Ola approach builds on the special character of Pacific fanau, their values, life principles and protocols of engagement with each other, their local churches and communities.


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Pacific Health Priorities

 Our priority actions to accelerate Pacific Health gain in Counties Manukau:

Focus Area Priority Action How will we know?
Accelerate Pacific health gain in DHB priority areas Effective implementation of strategic initiatives for Pacific populations focusing on First 2000 Days (maternity and child health); healthcare self-management support programmes; youth health; and community mobilising initiatives
  • Achieve or exceed all DHB national performance targets for Pacific populations (e.g. National Health Targets).

  • Mangere/Otara Locality service improvements show impact on Pacific populations on acute demand presentations across both primary/community and secondary settings. 

  • Improved performance of PHO practices that enrol large proportions of Pacific populations.

Implement Fanau Ola Approach / Service Delivery across the whole healthcare system Spread and improve Fanau Ola approaches for Pacific patients for whom fanau support is critical to recovery and living well with chronic conditions
  • The number of Pacific people whom present acutely across both primary/community and secondary settings reduces because they have had a Fanau Ola support in place.

  • Localities (in particular Mangere/Otara and Manukau) implement Fanau Ola centric self-management support programmes effective for Pacific people.

  • Measures of improved long term conditions disease progression and self-management are achieved for Pacific people.

  • Measures for improved patient experience

Mobilise Pacific community action for health and wellbeing Encourage and support communities to actively engage in civic activities across sectors (e.g. housing) to shape and change their local environments, and family and household settings, to improve their health and wellbeing
  • The number of churches, community groups, and local organisations engaged and supported by CMH and other sector entities increases across Counties Manukau.

  • People directly involved as participants in those groups access and engage in targeted activities to improve their health

Increase Pacific workforce Increase the recruitment, retention and merit based career progression for Pacific health professionals in CM Health across the whole workforce; supply pipeline from secondary and tertiary education to employment, career and leadership development
  • The proportion of Pacific health professionals whom are employed and number of Pacific in clinical and management leadership roles increases.

  • The number of Pacific in tertiary study training in health sciences that lead to health careers increases.

  • The number of Pacific students taking up health sciences in secondary schools increases.

Grow and strengthen institutional linkages across the Pacific Region Expand the reach of CM Health’s work and provision of aid and international development support for healthcare services in the Pacific region We will increase our presence and range of relationships with Pacific countries, expanding on the current nation states.


Pacific Health in the Pacific Region

We are currently supporting Samoa, Cook Islands, Niue, Fiji and Kiribati.  We will continue to support the development of Pacific Island health systems across the pacific region through:

  • Vision and Shared Commitment

    Healthy Islands, Healthy People

  • Genuine Partnerships that are authentic, collaborative, durable
    Acknowledge unique strengths and vulnerabilities
    Respond to local and regional needs

  •  Whole of Systems Solutions - improved, integrated, innovative
    Visiting Medical Specialists (VMS)
    Overseas Referral Treatment (OVT) Scheme
    Health systems development (health policies, strategies, planning)
    Workforce development; Governance / management / operations support; Health technologies
    Emergency Response (NZ Medical Assistance Team)

  • Sustainable Development - service delivery that is accessible, effective, and improves patient experiences
    Reducing maternal, neonatal, paediatric, child morbidity and mortality
    Reducing morbidity, premature death, and disabilities from communicable diseases and NCDs

  • Secure & Resilient Outcomes - Pacific people live healthier, longer, more independent lives
    Patient and Fanau / Family-Centred Care; Future-focused planning
    Cultivating a learning culture; Meaningful & Transformative Evaluation System