Middlemore volunteer back where it all began  

IMAGE: CM Health volunteers Gael and Robynne doing what they do best - helping patients and visitors at Middlemore Hospital.

Gael is one of our volunteers who recently returned to her role after lockdown in August 2021 put a pause on the Counties Manukau Health volunteer service.  

For Gael who worked here as nurse in the early 1960s, it’s like coming full circle.  

“I used to work in Ward 19 in the Galbraith Building. We would work and do our nursing study at the same time.  

“I gave up nursing and went to work as a beautician for 20 years and then worked in reception.” 

Gael says she thoroughly enjoys her role at Middlemore as a volunteer. 

“It is nice to come back and I love the hospital environment. It is in my blood. 

“You never know why someone is coming to the hospital and we help make it easier and help them find their way around, especially people who are alone or felling stressed about their appointment.  

“People are grateful and a smile and kindness from someone might be just what they need at that time.”  

“I love this job here and will keep doing it until I am physically unable to do it,” says Gael.  

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