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New Report Shows High Confidence In Metro Auckland DHBs’ Investment Practices

Posted by Communications Team on 21 February 2017 |

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New Investor Confidence Ratings released by Treasury today demonstrate that the three metropolitan Auckland district health boards can be relied upon by the Government and taxpayers to achieve maximum value from public funds allocated to major capital projects.

Dr Lester Levy, Chair of Waitemata, Auckland and Counties Manukau DHBs, said the ratings showed the public health sector had advanced investment management strategies in place right across the city.

“The rapidly growing population of Auckland means we must soon make major decisions about how care is best provided into the future and this inevitably involves future capital planning considerations,” Dr Levy said.

“As Chair of all three Auckland metropolitan DHBs, I will ensure that decisions are made on an overall city-wide basis, with each district health board coming together with connected planning to ensure best value from public spending.

“It is critical that we have the confidence of the Government and Treasury that we will make sound decisions to support the best health outcomes for all Aucklanders.

“These ratings are proof that the three DHBs have earned that confidence through robust prioritisation of needs, effective delivery on patient-focused objectives and efficient spending.

“This positions us favourably when approaching the Government to support major new regional capital projects that will enable us to care for a much larger population with more diverse healthcare needs as Auckland continues to grow.”

The ratings saw Counties Manukau DHB achieve the highest-possible rating of ‘A’, which Treasury attributed to the DHB’s strong programme management capability, quality of long-term planning and the benefit of engagement with stakeholders.

Waitemata and Auckland DHBs achieved favourable ‘B’ ratings, also reflecting high performance in their delivery of investments according to time, scope and cost requirements.

‘A’ and ‘B’ ratings allow the DHBs a greater level of autonomy, higher financial delegations and less monitoring and reporting.