The Executive Leadership Team is the primary executive decision-making body of the Te Whatu Ora - Health New Zealand Counties Manukau, with the responsibility for the design and development of the strategic direction of the health system as well as ensuring that the organisation delivers on its objectives and key performance requirements. The team includes:

Vanessa thornton

Vanessa Thornton

Interim District Director
Te Whatu Ora - Health New Zealand Counties Manukau

Margret White 149

Margaret White

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

andrew connolly

Dr Andrew Connolly

Chief Medical Officer (CMO)

Jenny Parr 149

Jenny Parr

Chief Nurse & Director of Patient & Whaanau Experience

Campbell BREBNER

Dr Campbell Brebner

Chief Medical Advisor, Primary Care and Integrated Care

Tui Vito

Acting Director of Human Resources

Mary Seddon

Mary Seddon

Director of Ko Awatea

Megan Milmine

Acting Chief Information Officer

Gary Jackson

Dr Gary Jackson

Director of Population Health

Alan Greenslade

Alan Greenslade

Director of Infrastructure

Christina Mallon

Christina Mallon

Chief Midwife

Sanjoy Nand

Sanjoy Nand

Chief of Allied Health, Scientific & Technical Professions

Debbie Holdsworth

Debbie Holdsworth

Debbie Holdsworth
Interim Director of Funding and Planning

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