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A Year in Review

Posted by Geraint Martin on 21 December 2012 |

Somehow we’re at the end of 2012, ready to finish up for another year and, for some of us, embark on well-deserved summer holidays. Beforehand, I just want to extend my sincere thanks to you all for your contribution to what has been an outstanding year for CM Health. I think the story of this year is best told by looking at some of the statistics for 2012 (from January – November) and comparing them to the statistics for the previous 12 months.

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margie apa

Looking back on 2012

Posted by Margie Apa, Director - Strategic Development on 20 December 2012 |

Kua tae ki te wa Kirihimete! Christmas has arrived! Less than 8 sleeps to Christmas and a few more to the end of 2012.

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An Early Christmas Present

Posted by Geraint Martin on 17 December 2012 |

Amongst other things, Christmas is the season of giving and last week was no exception. Some of you may have recognised the face that is currently beaming out from the billboards at either end of Middlemore Hospital. This little girl, Sophie, was born prematurely at 26 weeks gestation at MMH. It was an extremely difficult time for Sophie and her parents in those first few months but thanks to the huge expertise of staff in our Neonatal Unit, Sophie not only survived but thrived. As you can now see on the billboards, she’s a happy and beaming young girl who has gone on to become the face of the Countdown Kids Hospital Appeal.

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martin chadwick 426

Winter Planning in Summer – Martin Chadwick

Posted by Martin Chadwick, Director Allied Health on 13 December 2012 |

As the clinical lead for Middlemore Central, I have a sense of relief (along with most of you I am sure!) that warmer weather has arrived, as it signals that winter has finally come to its end. Winter is always a time of increased demand in healthcare systems and this year was no different. A huge thanks needs to go out to each and every staff member for your effort and dedication over this period. Thank you, thank you and a thousand more thank yous.

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From a Patient’s Perspective

Posted by Geraint Martin on 7 December 2012 |

Many of you may remember David Clarke, our CEO from 1996 – 2002 (having previously been Chief Financial Officer from 1991 – 1993 and Chief Operating Officer from 1993 – 1996). Recently, David had a cycling accident which saw him admitted to Middlemore Hospital. Today I’ve asked him to share his observations about his time as a patient at our hospital.

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denise kivell 426

The Importance of Patient and Whaanau Centred Care

Posted by Denise Kivell, Director of Nursing on 5 December 2012 |

If your mum, dad or partner were in hospital, would you like to be involved in their care and decision-making? Would you adhere to the visiting policy of 2 – 8pm?

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Taking the Time to Make a Difference

Posted by Geraint Martin on 30 November 2012 |

Making change happen isn’t an event, it’s a process. Something that is ongoing, not one-off. Furthermore, it’s not just big, high-profile changes that are important. I often talk about the need for us to change how the health system works so that we keep people well and healthy at home rather than coming into hospital. Big management projects, like our 20,000 Days campaign and our work with localities, are certainly important in achieving this, but there are also smaller complementary changes we can make which are just as meaningful.

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SPMO team 426

Introducing the Strategic Programme Management Office Team

Posted by SPMO team on 29 November 2012 |

Hello! We are the SPMO team. You may recall a blog from Haidee Davis who set up our office in May this year (and has since moved into a role as General Manager, Ko Awatea) when she talked about the role of a programme office. Now that we are all in post we thought it was time to provide an update on who we are and what we’ve been doing.

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coles 426

Reflecting on 2012 and planning for the future

Posted by Jenni Coles on 21 November 2012 |

It has been a busy year for us all with many challenges set and met.

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Maternity Services Review

Posted by Geraint Martin on 15 November 2012 |

As you may be aware from yesterday’s all-staff meeting, our Board has just released an External Review of Maternity Care in the Counties Manukau District. This independent report by a Maternity Review Panel was proactively commissioned by our Board in response to concerns about perinatal mortality rates in Counties Manukau. Today I’m joined by Board chairman, Professor Gregor Coster, to talk more about this report and how we intend to work through its findings.

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