Introducing Jenny Parr

Posted by Jenny Parr on 15 February 2017 |

jenny parr

Despite the English accent, I’m a local girl.  I was raised in Papatoetoe, the heart of South Auckland and in my later years went to the Manukau Institute of Technology, where I trained as a nurse.  When I graduated I really wanted to work at Middlemore Hospital, however at the time, there were no jobs. My plan B was to move to England, where I spent the past 22 years. During that time I’ve held a number of roles, which included executive leadership as Director of Nursing, Patient Experience, Infection Prevention & Control and Allied Health.  My previous role at Waitemata DHB also had a key focus on quality systems and improvement, which I really enjoyed. 

Coming back to the community where I grew up felt right.  While I was enjoying my job at Waitemata DHB I had been waiting for a role like the Director of Patient Care, Chief Nurse and Allied Health Professions Officer to come along.  It’s not every day you get to work with and empower a large proportion of professional practice across the board. That’s pretty exciting and challenging.   Patient experience is at the core of the role, which puts us all in a unique position to improve the experience of our patients.  For many of us, that’s the reason why we chose to become health professionals or work in health.   

During the past month I’ve made it my mission to meet as many staff as possible to get a sense of where people work, what they do and the challenges they are facing.  This will continue over the next few weeks, so If I haven’t met you yet, please be patient.

What I can tell you from my conversations so far is that there is a real passion, commitment and collective desire to make a real difference. This is shown by the great work and progress that has been made over the past few years.  With that in mind, I’m really looking forward to working with the Professional Leads to build on our strengths, provide more clarity around patient experience, quality assurance and standards and look at how we can improve from a systems perspective.  For example, how can we support our  staff to do more quality improvement locally? And what support do our front line leaders need to help transform our health system?  I believe if we head down this path we will start to see system-wide improvement. 

For the people at the core of our health system i.e. our patients and their whaanau, this will mean a better experience, regardless of where they are on their health journey.  It will also mean an improvement in quality standards and care and a decreased variation in the types of experiences that people receive.

Personally, I’d also like us to see ourselves as one team working across the system.  Patients don’t need to see the boundaries which we work across.   What they want is to experience a seamless, high quality, compassionate and patient and whaanau centred service. 

While there is still more to discover and learn I’m really delighted to be working at CM Health.  Thanks for such a warm team counties welcome.

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