Please be aware that outpatient appointments may be delayed due to the impacts of the COVID-19 surge. More info can be found here.

Visiting Guide Manukau care facilities

“Haumara te taonga - Keeping our treasures safe”

New Zealand has moved into the new COVID-19 Protection Framework, commonly known as the ‘traffic light’ system.

As we move through the traffic lights our visitor policy will change to reflect this.

Visiting Counties Manukau Health care facilities

To protect patients and our community from COVID-19, visiting restrictions are in place.

Some wards and services have different rules. These services include maternity, neonatal, paediatrics, emergency, and mental health. Check with your whaanau members care team before you visit i.e. the ward charge nurse or midwife manager.

Exceptions to service rules may be made on compassionate grounds on a case-by-case basis. Please discuss this with the charge nurse or midwife manager of the ward your whaanau member is on. 

General policy

We will support inpatients to nominate two registered kaitiaki (guardian, carer, or care partner) from the same household.  

One kaitiaki/care partner can visit an inpatient at one time between the hours of 8am-8pm. 

One kaitiaki/care partner may be able to visit, one at a time, after hours (8pm-8am) if prearranged with the ward charge nurse or midwife manager. 

Generally, children under 15 should not visit. Visits from under 15-year-olds must be agreed in advance with the ward charge nurse or midwife manager.

If a patient has COVID-19 (or COVID-19 is suspected), they may be able to have one prearranged kaitiaki/care partner organised with the charge nurse or midwife manager.  

Some services have different rules. Please remember to check with the ward charge nurse or midwife manager before visiting.

When you visit

Every visitor must scan in via the COVID-19 app and answer screening questions before entering our facilities each time they visit. 

Face masks must be worn when inside CM Health facilities. They must be a medical or surgical grade mask. Scarves, bandannas, or t-shirts cannot be used. If you do not have the right mask when you visit, we will give you one.

All visitors must socially distance one metre apart. 

Visitors with service or guide dogs are permitted if they comply with hospital policy and other local guidelines. 

Home-cooked food can only be delivered directly to patients by their kaitiaki/care partner. It cannot be left to be collected.

We appreciate this is a difficult time for patients and their whaanau and friends - please remember that our policy is in place to ensure all our patients are safe.   

Service Exceptions

Critical Care 

One named kaitiaki or care partner can visit on a case-by-case basis with prior approval of the charge nurse/midwife manager. 

No visiting will be allowed if a patient with COVID-19 is receiving care on the ward. 

Neonatal Care 

Birth parent only. 

For babies expected to stay over 48 hours, another parent or one nominated support person for the birth parent can visit. 

Paediatric Wards 

One kaitiaki or care partner can visit 

One additional kaitiaki can visit if the child is seriously unwell, palliative, dying, or has an expected length of stay over 14 days. It is preferred this nominated person remains the same for the duration of the child's stay to minimise risk. 


Birthing, Assessment, and/or Primary Birthing Units 
Labour and Birthing 

Pregnant people presenting for labour and birth at the hospital or a primary birthing unit can have one key kaitiaki or care partner at all times.  

With the midwife manager's prior approval, up to three visitors are allowed on compassionate grounds to facilitate manaakitanga (kindness, compassion, support) for stillbirth or extreme distress. 

Postnatal care 

Birth parents admitted for postnatal care at the hospital or to a primary birthing unit can have one kaitiaki or care partner with them 8am – 8pm. Overnight one key support person may be allowed with the midwife manager’s prior approval.

Antenatal clinic visits 

One kaitiaki or care partner may attend 

Emergency Department 

Patients may be allowed one kaitiaki or care partner to assist with diagnosis and treatment. No visitors are allowed once the patients care pathway has been agreed upon, including in ED and short-stay areas unless on compassionate grounds as agreed with the charge nurse or midwife manager. 

All other areas  

Visiting may be considered to ensure manaakitanga (care and compassion), such as in the discharge lounge and during dialysis. 


One kaitiaki or care partner can visit with patients who have high needs or have concerns around their outpatient dialysis. Approval is needed from the charge nurse at each unit. 


One kaitiaki or care partners can attend appointments 

Franklin Memorial Hospital (FMH) 

Contact the facility directly in advance for availability of visiting

Mental Health

Visiting will be determined by the patient’s/whaiora current clinical presentation and will be agreed on a case by case basis. Please contact the unit in advance.

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