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We manage health services by locality. The establishment of Localities was the first step in our Integrated Care journey. Counties Manukau is made up of four geographical areas where hospital and primary care staff work together to support patients in their community.

The role of primary care is expanding as more health services are made available in the community, closer to patients' homes. Our focus is to provide seamless, high-quality health care in any setting.


Our localities:





Over the next five years, the population of people living in Counties Manukau is growing at 1-2% each year and is changing, both youthful and ageing, and is estimated to reach over 560,000 people by 2020.  Our population is ethnically diverse and by 2020 is estimated to be 15% Maaori, 22% Pacific and 26% Asian people. 

Our older population will increase by approximately 22% with an estimated 70,000 people aged 65 years and over by 2020.

At the same time, we have the largest population of children of any District Health Board, with an estimated 54,000 out of almost 121,000 children living in poverty. 

Just over a third of our residents live in areas of high socioeconomic deprivation and if this situation continues, this could be as many as 202,150 people in 2020.

The estimated resident population of Counties Manukau based on the 2013 Census tells a story about our diverse communities.

Locality Clusters

Counties Manukau Health is renewing its approach to community health and ‘putting people first’, that is, by developing a people-centred service delivered by community teams that work in collaborative clusters with General Practices and other health care providers to:

  • focus on health needs
  • create enduring personal relationships
  • provide health and wellness services for an enrolled population
  • tackle causes of ill-health
  • encourage people to be partners in managing their own health and that of their community. 

The vision is now being implemented and reaches beyond health care system reform; it’s the strengthening of people-centred health systems and supporting our people to be Healthy Together.

Our district is divided into four localities Franklin, Mangere-Otara, Manukau and Eastern. Within each locality, clusters are beginning to work in an integrated way to support their enrolled population. 

By working in clusters, strong working relationships between providers are formed at a local level. This means each cluster will have named community clinicians supporting their enrolled population, and named secondary care clinicians who will provide specialist input. 

Click map below for detailed list of Counties Manukau locality clusters:

Locality clusters

 Our communities are different across Counties Manukau and this means we need to fit our services to best support the whole population. 


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