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The Mangere Otara locality represents approximately 32% of the district population.  Geographically, the Mangere Otara Locality incorporates the northern Papatoetoe region and straddles the isthmus at Otahuhu, but excludes its population which falls within the catchment area for ADHB.  

There are 21 primary care practices within the Mangere Otara region represented by 4 PHOs, Alliance Health + , National Hauora Coalition, Procare and Total Healthcare.

  • Mangere and Otara are vibrant and culturally diverse suburbs with over 110,000 people enrolled in General Practices across the locality.
  • 68,000 people are enrolled with Mangere practices and 42,000 in Otara
  • Across the two suburbs, more than 65% of the enrolled population are Pacific, 20% are Maori and less than 8% are European.
  • Mangere and Otara’s populations are younger than that of other Localities in Counties Manukau and conversely, numbers of older people are significantly fewer.
  • The Mangere and Otara populations have high rates of diabetes, cerebrovascular and pulmonary disease, hypertension and gout.
  • The people of Mangere and Otara are the highest users of emergency services  per capita across Counties Manukau (especially ED)
  • The Mangere and Otara populations represent a high number of potentially avoidable hospitalisations, particularly for infectious diseases and chronic conditions.

Collaborative Venture  

Counties Manukau Health has a contract with Alliance Health + PHO to deliver support services for the Mangere and Otara Locality. In conjunction with the other PHOs,the two organisations work closely together to meet the objectives of the Locality strategy.

Alliance Health + has recruited a full contingent of Clinical Leads for both Mangere and Otara. The six clinical leads representing General Practitioners, Nurses and Allied Health professionals in association with their peers, provide advice and guidance into the design and management of locality based services and models of care.

Mangere Otara Locality Leadership Team

The Mangere Otara Locality Leadership Team (MOLLT) meets monthly. The meeting venue alternates between Mangere and Otara.

Members of the Mangere Otara Locality Leadership Team

The Mangere Otara Locality Leadership Team (MOLLT) meets monthly. The meeting venue alternates between Mangere and Otara.

PHO Representatives:

  • Alan Wilson- Alliance Health + (Deputy Chair)
  • Wilmason Jensen - Procare
  • Kate Moodabe – Total Healthcare (ETHC)

Primary Care Representatives:

  • Dr Andrew Chan Mow   - South seas Healthcare
  • Dr Mark Arbuckle – Otara Family & Christian Healthcare
  • Dr Oruba Khalil – East Tamaki Healthcare
  • Dr Richard Hulme – East Tamaki Healthcare
  • Dr Tim Hou – Mangere Health Centre (Chair)
  • Dr Siro Fuata'I – Bader Drive Healthcare
  • Dr Lily Fraser – Turuki Healthcare
  • Dr Michael Wilson- The Doctors – Mangere
  • Michelle Burrows – Otara Union Health
  • Te Puea Winiata – Turuki Healthcare
  • Doana Fatuleai – Southseas Healthcare
  • Vicky Maiava- Turuki Healthcare

Community Organisation Representatives:

  • Donna Ritchie – Independent Midwife
  • Peter Sykes – ME Family Services
  • John Coffey – Otara Health Trust
  • Katie Vaili – Physio Rehab Group  - Allied Health Lead (Otara )
  • Kerry Oxenham - Nirvana Pharmacy Group

CM Health Representatives:

  • Sarah Marshall  - General Manager, Mangere Otara  Locality Clinical Partnership
  • Prof Harry Rea –General Physician
  • Jill Grieve – Associate Director Allied Health
  • Karyn Sangster - Chief Nurse Advisor Primary and Integrated Care 
  • Krishna Narayan – Allied Health Lead (Mangere )
  • Nettie Knetsch – General Manager Child and Maternal Health
  • Simon Kerr - Associate Director Allied Health
  • Trevor Lloyd – Pharmacy Portfolio Manager
Locality Steering Group

A sub-set of members from the Locality Leadership Team form the Locality Steering Group.

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