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Te Ranga Ora is a new system of care to support people and whaanau living with long-term conditions (LTCs) in our Counties Manukau rohe to live longer, healthier lives.

Te Ranga Ora is being designed with service users and their whaanau and will be delivered in partnership with Nga Manawhenua o Taamaki Makaurau, the Ministry of Health, the primary and community sector, lead government agencies and CM Health.

To address inequities within our community, the focus will be on meeting the needs of people living with two or more long-term conditions who are Maaori, Pacific or living in the most deprived areas.

Te Ranga Ora was a name gifted to us by mana whenua and speaks of a group of people who have long-enduring illness yet seek the greater things in life to assist them with their journey to wellness and with managing their illnesses. This restores mana and rangatiratanga to their lives. It means:

Te Ranga - The vibration by way of Mauri

Ora - Wellness, life, health and life force

Te Ranga Ora - The Vibration of Wellness

With the evaluation and selection process for Te Ranga Ora Request for Proposal (RFP) concluded, the five shortlisted prototype collectives are working to co-design and plan the new models of care.

Prototype Collectives

A prototype collective is a group of providers working in partnership, both in primary and community networks that between them provide health and social services to support our whaanau with LTCs.

Te Kakano

Navilluso Medical Limited, Whanau Ora Community Clinic Huakina Ltd and The Centre for Health Ltd.

Te Kakano will deliver innovative kaupapa Maaori health services to Maaori living with long-term conditions and experiencing financial hardship.

“We want to make healthcare accessible by putting a health solution in everyday technology, allowing people access to healthcare where they live, work and play. By combining traditional, in-person care with an innovative, digital platform, we want to improve the health outcomes for those living with two or more long-term conditions and their whaanau.” – Dr Lance O’Sullivan, Managing Director, Navilluso Medical.

Te Ora Puaawai

Zoom Pharmacy Limited, Otara Health Charitable Trust, Otara Family and Christian Health Centre, Health Promotion Forum of New Zealand, Procare Health Ltd (PHO), Heart Foundation, Disability Connect, Manukau Urban Maori Authority (MUMA)

Te Ora Puaawai will use the model that collaboratively designed the ‘Thriving Otara’ movement and the ‘Improving Maaori Input Into Local Board Decision Making’ project to deliver a service that meets the needs of whaanau living with LTCs in Otara area.

“We will use this model to collaborate with patients, CM Health, and other key organisations to develop a ground up model of care that meets the needs of whaanau living in Otara with LTCs. Our point of difference will be to include whaanau in the governance and delivery of this service” – Mark Simiona, Operations Manager, Otara Health – Te Ora Puaawai Project Lead.

The Pacific Consortium

Vaka Tautua Limited, South Seas Healthcare Trust, Pacific Islands Homecare Services Trust, Penina Trust

“In 2018 we established ‘The Pacific Consortium’ as an alliance between Pacific Homecare (a home-based healthcare service provider for people with disabilities and the elderly community), Penina (provides mental health, addiction and housing support services) Southseas Healthcare Trust (primary care and community services) and Vaka Tautua (a national mental health and disability support service). The consortium’s key services include: pre-natal to youth, support for service users with long-term health conditions, alcohol and addiction and mental health services, supported living and home care for the elderly and those with complex needs.

We are Pasifika-led organisations with a track record of success.  We are well embedded into the Pacific community, and have first-hand knowledge of the complex health and social needs of our service users.” - Silao Vaisola-Sefo, Chief Executive, South Seas

Te Kootuinga Hauora Consortia

Health Through The Marae – Te Whakaorangatanga O Nga Tangatawhenua, Turuki Health Care Charitable Trust, Te Hononga o Tamaki me Hoturoa Charitable Trust, Manurewa Marae Trust Board 2008 Incorporated, Whanau Ora Community Clinic Huakina Ltd, Papakura Marae Society Inc., Port Waikato Community Health and Support Services Trust. Strategic partner: Te Kaha o te Rangatahi (as part of the Kotahitanga Whanau Ora Collective)

The Te Kootuinga Hauora Consortia is a group of seven Maaori primary healthcare providers that have all been serving whaanau in South Auckland for over ten years.

“We are coming together to develop kaupapa Maaori models of service delivery for LTCs and will work with whaanau across Tamaki kit e Tonga - South Auckland. Most of our organisations have GP practices with integrated social services and four are marae based organisations.” - Te Puea Winiata, Chief Executive, Turuki Health Care

Warm Exchange Plus (WE+)

Greenstone Family Clinic Limited, Southpoint Family Doctors, Zoom Pharmacy Limited, BBB Motivation Ltd, The Waiting Room (VO2 Health Care Limited), Alliance Health Plus Trust (PHO)

WE+ consists of two primary healthcare clinics, a telehealth GP service, a Primary Health Organisation, a virtual pharmacy focused on innovative solutions and a community programme for health and wellbeing which is shifting communities to build new healthy habits.

WE+ wants to change the way services are delivered and build trusted relationships with families. It will integrate and link general practice, community settings and services to be responsive and agile to change that is guided by continual feedback from the community. WE+ wants their workforce to be better utilised and developed to support non-judgmental, effective relationships and provision of care. This will be achieved through a ‘Warm Exchange’ between people and the providers of care, supported by the use of technology and virtual services.

Creating responsive and integrated health and social services

People in our communities will access a responsive, integrated range of health and social services close to their homes and their whaanau. Service users will see their culture and what matters to them reflected in the care and support they receive.

  • improved clinical outcomes, and a reduction in the equity gap for LTCs
  • whaanau will be listened to with respect and treated with dignity
  • whaanau will be engaged as equal partners in healthcare decisions and enabled to take action
  • primary care services will be more available and affordable for whaanau
  • pathways to identify and respond to social need will be implemented
  • growth in the capacity of Maaori and Pacific providers

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