We care about achieving health equity for our community.  Together we are more likely to live a long and healthy life if you grow up and live in a healthy home, safe neighbourhood with a good school, healthy environment and people who will affirm and support you. 


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COVID-19 is a new virus that can affect your lungs and airways. There are some simple practices you can adopt to protect yourself and your whaanau.

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Help stop the spread of flu

Immunise yourself and your family against the flu and protect all the generations.

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Food banks in Counties Manukau

Here is a list of food banks and other services currently operating around South and East Auckland. Please share with your whaanau, friends and communities. If you are still struggling to access food or essential goods help is available. Visit access to food or essential items, visit the Work and Income website, or call Work and Income on 0800 559 009.

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GP 426

Find local health and community services

Find information about family doctors, midwife, pharmacies and other health and social services within the Counties Manukau area.

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It's essential that your baby receives all their vaccinations on time at six weeks, three months and five months.

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Counties Manukau Health is committed to promoting good health and maintaining a healthy environment for our patients, staff and visitors.  This is why all our buildings and grounds are totally smokefree.

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Rheumatic fever

Rheumatic fever starts with a sore throat.  Most sore throats get better but if strep throat is not treated with antibiotics it can cause rheumatic fever in children.

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