Beating the odds

Jadhen Nelson describes Middlemore Hospital as being ‘literally like his home’, having spent the last five months here after a horrific accident changed his life in minutes.

While dismantling scaffolding in April 2022, 28-year-old Jahden was electrocuted by power lines, suffering severe burns and rushed to Auckland Hospital.  

After urgent surgery at Auckland Hospital, he was transferred to Middlemore Hospital where he spent 13 days in an induced coma, four weeks in ICU, and endured close to 40 surgeries in his first four months.

In the early days of the accident, his whaanau were prepared for the worst and the probability that his survival was unlikely, but Jadhen amazingly beat the odds and survived.  

“My team here in the Unit has been great.

“I’ve become familiar with the staff here. They’re all friendly and take the time to chat.

“They’ve learnt my needs, my schedule, my likes and dislikes. It makes my situation more comfortable as I depend on all of them. “

Jadhen credits love and support as the reason he kept fighting and survived.

His inspiring story is one of courage, bravery and fighting to beat the odds.

“I’m just blessed to still be here for my kids,” says Jahden.

“I give thanks to my partner, Santana. She suffers from my accident as well and she has been so strong, being here and caring for me and being home caring for our three children on her own.”

After months of intense operations and rehabilitation, Jahden is now able to get out and about in the hospital and even enjoy the sunshine on the hospital grounds with his partner and their children.

“I am so grateful for my beautiful family and I cannot wait to be home to make up for the months we've lost, they’re what get me through my days.”

Kia kaha Jadhen.

Thank you for sharing your story.


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