Cameras document stroke journey at CM Health

A documentary following the experiences of two patients after stroke has been made with help from several Counties Manukau teams.

Impact: Stroke by Attitude Pictures was a fantastic opportunity to show the positive work that is being done across the Acute Stroke, General Rehabilitation Ward and Community Stroke Rehabilitation teams, according to Nick Henzell, Service Manager Adult Rehabilitation, Health of Older People.

The Stroke and Rehabilitation teams led by Edward Wong, Cynthia Bennett and Geoff Greene hoped to promote important messages about stroke symptoms, treatment, and prevention as stroke is a big and growing cause of disability for the South Auckland population.

The stroke clinical team see education about stroke, stroke symptoms and stroke treatment as a very important part of ensuring people seek urgent medical attention when required.  The team also hoped to highlight that many strokes are preventable through lifestyle measures such as stopping smoking, reducing alcohol intake and increasing exercise, as well as good management of existing conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure.         

Cameras filmed patients’ experience At Middlemore Hospital and later in the community over a period of about two months.

Both patients involved in the documentary are now continuing their recovery.

Impact: Stroke will screen on Sunday, 24 November on TV ONE. It will then be available online.

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