Celebrating five years of Start Well

Hari huritau (happy birthday) to Start Well, which in November this year celebrated five years of doing important mahi with young hapuu maamaa, their tamarki and whaanau.

The Start Well initiative is a prototype established by the South Auckland Social Wellbeing Board working collaboratively with social sector agencies to help South Auckland maamaa under the age of 20, from pregnancy through to when their tamariki turn five. 

The team from Te Whatu Ora Counties Manukau is led by Megan McCowan, Start Well Team Leader and includes three Clinical Nurse Specialists and three Senior Social Workers.

Megan says that the team works in collaboration with government and non-government organisations to achieve positive outcomes for the maamaa and whaanau, removing any barriers that can prevent whaanau from accessing systems and support networks.

“We help support positive health and wellbeing outcomes though aroha (love), whaanaungatanga (connection)and maanakitanga (respect) and journey alongside them to manaaki (support) and assist their confidence through the process, “

“In the five-years we have walked alongside whaanau, we have seen incredible changes in their lives. They have also taught us about strength, resilience and wisdom, and have shared their insights and view of the world.

“We feel privileged they have allowed us to have a place in their personal and whaanau journeys.”

Work is now underway to embed the Start Well way of working within a kaupapa Maaori or Pacific community provider so that this mahi can continue be enhanced and enriched by a cultural approach.  

Great mahi Start Well


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