Clinical News 28 November 2022

There are some pretty clear indications of an uptick in COVID case figures as we come into December with rising case numbers each day.

It is important to remain vigilant – COVID is still in our community so it is important to do everything we can to lessen the chances of catching it – wash your hands regularly, maintain social distancing (where possible) and wear face masks in busy places including on public transport.

If you have any symptoms please test and isolate, and if you are eligible for a booster (either first or second) we recommend you get it.

Most importantly, if you are symptomatic:

  • DO NOT visit your friends or whaanau in our facilities - this puts our staff, patients and community at risk.
  • DO wear a mask if you are attending the hospital or a clinic as a patient.

Planed care and recruitment

We are starting to see some sustained reduction in wait times for those patients who’ve been on the list for longer than 12 months and we are doing our utmost to reduce the wait times.

Our ability to deliver this as quickly as we would like is still being hampered by the impacts of staff shortages but we’re trying hard to get to everyone on the list as quickly as possible.

On the subject of staffing - talking local recruitment - if you’ve worked in health professions before and are thinking of returning, Te Whatu Ora Counties Manukau is a rewarding and challenging place to work and we would welcome you!

If you’re interested please check us out here.

Keep safe this summer

Summer’s coming and with it, holiday activities. Simple things you can do to keep safe include keeping an eye out for sunburn, which can be serious, watching the alcohol intake, and making sure your prescriptions are up to date (especially if you’re going away).

Our ED will be busy so please support us by staying safe out there and please be patient if attending our emergency services.


Kia haumaru te noho i teenei takurua.

Dr Andrew Connolly
Chief Medical Officer

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