CM Health providing highest level of care in Neonatal Unit

Media Release 12 November 2019|CM Health employs professional clinicians providing the highest level of care in its Neonatal Unit, and is proud of the care provided to mothers and babies both in the community and those transferred to the unit.

CM Health acknowledges that in mid-2018 it commenced an investigation with external support, following confidential complaints regarding aspects of the management of the Neonatal Unit.

The investigation has since been completed and the organisation is confident that the primary causes of the concerns have now been addressed. CM Health has no on-going investigation into the management of the unit.

During the investigation period, an oversight group comprising management, staff and union representatives was set up to overview the work carried out in the unit and to address any issues or concerns that were raised as part of the day-to-day work. This group continues to operate.

Neonatal Units across New Zealand are under pressure with increasing demand. This is not as a result of increasing birth rates, as would be expected, but rather, an increase in the number of babies requiring specialist neonatal care.

Separate to any investigation, additional staff have been employed in the neonatal service, with budget increases across the 17/18, 18/19 and 19/20 fiscal years to enable the unit to increase its resourced capacity from 28 to 34 cots. 

This has resulted in bringing on large groups of new staff, particularly Registered Nurses but also additional Clinical Charge Nurse Managers, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Lactation Consultants, Registrar/Fellow as well as an additional Neonatologist.

The unit has a number of initiatives and projects underway ranging from model of care review work, introducing Neonatal Transitional Care, developing formal staff support/pastoral care, education and supervision as well as the existing clinical quality, research and workforce development work.

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