CM Health to host Inaugural Midwifery Symposium

Media Release 23 July 2020|A Maaori midwifery symposium bringing together Maaori leaders in maternity to share learnings  that will inform future priorities will be held at Middlemore Hospital on 28 July.

The Te Aronga a Hine Maaori Midwifery Symposium will be hosted by Counties Manukau Health in collaboration with Te Rau Ora and Nga Maia O Aotearoa Maaori Midwives

The Symposium, which will share presentations and survey findings, will inform maternity workforce priorities with a focus on Maaori women, babies, children and whaanau.  It will also provide research insights from leading experts including Dr Hope Tupara, Megan Tahere, Dr Kahu McClintock, Jean Te Huia, Beverly Te Huia, Hinewirangi Kohu, Dr Naomi Simmonds and Dr Maria Baker.

“The symposium is a platform for an array of learnings from waahine presenting their valuable and informative Hauora Maaori research,” says Counties Manukau Health Clinical Lead Advisor – Maaori Midwifery Heather Muriwai.

“Findings from a quantitative workforce survey - Kimihia Te Aronga-a-Hine (conducted by Te Rau Ora) and qualitative focus groups – Whaia Te Aronga-a-Hine (led by Nga Maia O Aotearoa) will be presented.

“This work is informed by Rapua te Aronga-a-Hine - a comprehensive literature review of the Maori midwifery workforce in Aotearoa. This is an opportunity for the first time to be able give a focused voice on this important work.”

Originally planned to coincide with International Midwives Day (5 May 2020), the symposium was postponed due to COVID-19. The new date is Tuesday, 28 July 2020.

Counties Manukau Health (CM Health) executive team, Manawhenua, representatives from Te Rau Ora, Nga Maia O Aotearoa Maaori Midwives and other key Maaori Midwifery stakeholders will be attending the symposium hosted by the CM Health Maaori Health Development team.



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