COVID-19: CM Health to move to telephone appointments

Latest News | Tuesday 31 March 2020 | To help reduce the risk of passing Coronavirus between patients, doctors, nursing and other healthcare staff, we are now switching to telephone outpatient clinic consultations from healthcare providers at Middlemore Hospital and the other clinic sites such as Manukau, Botany or Pukekohe clinics.

Please do not come to clinic unless we contact you by phone.

You should only come to your outpatient clinic appointment if you have received a telephone call advising you to come.  Patients who have not been advised to come to the clinic may receive a telephone call from their doctor, nurse or therapist.

The doctor, nurse or other healthcare professional may phone you, so you need to be ready by your phone. We will send you a txt or telephone you to advise an approximate time we will call – for example, sometime between 10-11am or 2-3pm.

You will still be receiving the same professional healthcare consultation – only by phone rather than in person. However, if the doctor, nurse or therapist decides a face to face consultation is required, this will be arranged with staff wearing the appropriate clothing. 

These telephone consultations are designed to keep everyone, you – our doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals – safe from potentially catching the Coronavirus (Covid-19). 


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