CM Health uses Facebook to help people stop smoking

Counties Manukau Health has launched an online campaign to encourage people to stop smoking.

The Social Media campaign, Smokefree Notes, created by CM Health’s Living Smokefree Service is designed to help people remind their loved ones of the benefits of being smoke free.

“Putting a positive spin on traditional health warning packaging, Smokefree Notes is a platform which allows people to create their own messages of support, which are then are sent to friends and family trying to quit”, according to Smokefree Portfolio Manager Basil Fernandes.

These notes, which can be customised with people’s own photos, may then be shared on the Smokefree Notes Facebook Page. The best notes from each week win a prize.

“It gives people yet another way – maybe even easier way – to encourage people they love to become smoke free and enjoy the vast health benefits,” Mr. Fernandes says.

Smokefree Notes is fronted by New Zealand’s top Rugby playing couple Karina and Sherwin Stowers, who appear in the campaign video.

Smokefree Notes follows an earlier Snapchat campaign ‘Snapped Out’ which was run in 2016 - but targets an older population than this earlier campaign.

So far, the campaign has reached 85,000 individuals, with lots of encouraging and supportive notes being created. Thousands of people have viewed the main campaign video, and over 1000 people have visited the website.

The Smokefree Notes campaign will run on Facebook until early September.

CM Health media line 09 250 9857 

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