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Media release 6 April 2018 | How many midwives are there registered with CMDHB?

In 2017 there were 171 Lead Maternity Carers with access agreement with Counties Manukau Health. Of these, 119 were using our facilities.

As at January 2018, Counties Manukau Health has 111 FTE permanently employed staff midwives and some 16 FTE bureau midwives.  In addition, there are 29.5 FTE Senior Midwives. (Charge Midwife roles for each area, Midwife Specialists roles, and Clinical Coordination Midwife roles).  There are also 33 FTE Registered Nursing staff employed across our maternity services.

How does this compare with the past five years?

Numbers for new Lead Maternity Carers and new graduate midwives employed by the DHB have been increasing steadily over the past five years with the focus on ‘growing our own’ – supporting AUT’s Southern Campus and having midwifery students who graduate from the Southern Campus flow into Counties Manukau either as an LMC or an employed midwife.  However, we have also seen many older midwives retiring over this period or decreasing their workload so the net gain has been minimal.

Is this considered sufficient for the population?

Counties Manukau requires additional midwifery positions to cover our population.

Media release If this is a shortage, has the DHB registered concerns with the Ministry of Health or the health minister?

DHBs are currently participating in development of the national midwifery workforce projections and midwifery ratios required for all maternity work (antenatal, birthing, postnatal inpatients, as well as postnatal home visiting). This work includes scoping the additional midwifery workforce requirements for clinical acuity and complexity of both mothers and babies. This may well result in charges to recommended establishments, and a requirement for more midwifery staff to be employed.

What is the annual turnover level for midwives in your area?

In January 2018 our turn-over rate for employed midwives is 8.6% which has come down from a 12 months average of 12%.

Does the DHB have a list of women who are waiting for a midwife or LMC? How many are currently on that list?

Counties Manukau does not keep lists of women who are waiting for an LMC or DHB employed midwife. We work closely with LMCs and GP practices and have a dedicated administrative role to facilitate those referrals from GPs or LMCs for women who have not been able to find a midwife by themselves are linked up with a LMC who may have capacity or a DHB employed community midwife. Counties Manukau does not keep lists of women who are waiting for an LMC or DHB employed midwife.

How many are being cared for by the DHB in lieu of getting a midwife?

The current split of women receiving antenatal care from LMCs versus DHB employed midwives is 70% LMC care and 30% DHB community midwifery care.

Please see the DHB’s Women’s Health and Newborn Annual Report 2016-2017 (available on CM Health website) for more detail.

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