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Kitty Ko knows exactly what it is like to be a patient here – after all she is one here at CM Health as well as a staff member.

After a challenging seven years of undergoing dialysis four, sometimes five times a day, Kitty underwent a kidney transplant to address her end stage kidney disease.

At the time, she was studying a Master of Health Sciences degree part time and working here at CM Health.

“I am grateful that I have a wonderful medical team looking after me.” says Kitty. “I am no longer on dialysis, but I need to take my immunosuppressant everyday, have timed blood tests regularly, and especially keep myself safe away from COVID-19."

“I am also very thankful that I work for CM Health. They supported me working full time while being on dialysis. Without my medical team and employers support, I would not able to achieve what I have.”

Kitty has been with CM Health since 2005 and is our Asian Health Gain Advisor.

Inspired by her own health experiences, Kitty dedicates her time to improving patient experience and engagement for the Asian communities.

“Being a patient is not easy, especially as many Asian community members have language barriers and a lack of knowledge of accessing to our services. It is my privilege to help improve their health experience and outcomes.”

Among other valuable work she does in the Asian health space, this year marks the 11th anniversary of the CM Health Asian Health and Wellbeing Community Network which Kitty started as a way to engage and educate staff and students about Asian health and wellbeing.

Thanks to Kitty’s efforts and passion, what started with 10 members has grown to 470 members, showing interest in Asian health has grown significantly.

“Thank you to all involved in growing this important network and awareness. I could not have done it alone.” says Kitty.

Great job Kitty and keep up the awesome mahi! Ngaa mihi.

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