COVID-19 Hospital in the Home

Vandana Chawla – Clinical Nurse Specialist ED, Justine Tito – Clinical Nurse Specialist ED, Hannah Cattaway – Lead CNS District Nursing, Lusini Falemaka – Nurse Case Manager, Fanau Ola, Yvette Hallam – Clinical Manager Locality Services/Operational Lead C

Since 2019 Middlemore Hospital has provided Hospital in the Home patient care, enabling some patients who are medically safe to leave hospital and complete their treatment in the comfort of their own home. These patients remain under the care of a hospital doctor as well as having regular follow up by community nursing and Allied Health staff.

As COVID-19 community cases and hospital admissions increase across Auckland, a COVID-19 Hospital in the Home service has been established.  

This additional service provides clinical support in the home for our community. It’s for patients who remain unwell with COVID-19 but can be discharged from hospital to be safely treated and monitored in their home as they recover.

Localities General Manager Penny Magud says the team provide the service to patients who need a level of care beyond what primary care or supported isolation and quarantine can provide.

“Patients are assessed to ensure they can safely isolate and manage in their home environment. A patient might be able to be discharged but still require clinical oversight to ensure they continue their journey to recovery but don’t necessarily need to remain in hospital.

“These patients are considered safe to be discharged from hospital on the proviso they receive ongoing monitoring and clinical review in case they do deteriorate and need to be readmitted to hospital” she says.

The team of Senior Medical Officers and Registered Nurses provide clinical oversight through daily contact with patients, which may where clinically indicated be followed up with a home visit. When the patient is ready to be discharged from the service, they are referred to the Primary Care or Community team who will continue to support them & their whaanau to complete the required community isolation & quarantine process.

Weekly meetings and reviews are held with clinical counterparts in Waitemata and Auckland District Health Boards who have established similar services.

Activating the COVID-19 Hospital in the Home ward is part of Middlemore’s response to the surge in COVID-19 cases in the community.

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