COVID-19 survivor on a mission!

Tuala Tagaloa Tusani is a COVID-19 DELTA survivor who was rushed to Middlemore Hospital in early September.

Now on the road to recovery he has embarked on a crusade to spread the message, especially in the Pacific community, that COVID-19 is real and how important it is to get your aiga vaccinated.

“It is way, way worse than the flu! “says Tuala Tagaloa Tusani.  “I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, even an enemy.”

Tuala has a traditional full body tattoo which can often cause a fever after being done but the fever brought on by COVID was very different, he explains.

“I was just boiling from the inside. It was unlike anything I have experienced and don’t want to again.

“You hear about COVID-19 Delta but you don’t think it will happen to you.”

When Tuala discovered he had DELTA he was headed for MIQ but became very unwell and was taken to Middlemore Hospital in an ambulance. 

“It was very professional and well set up. They take you a different way through the hospital so you don’t contact others. Everyone was so careful from the doctors, nurses and ambulance staff” Tuala said.

“Despite the pain and fever, everything was good at the hospital. It was a scary experience but the staff looked after me and helped me. I was treated amazingly.

“I am recovering but not 100%. I am lucky to have great staff at my business who can cover me while I have been getting better.

“This means that I have been able to go out and spread the word especially in my Pacific community about COVID-19 and the importance of getting the vaccine.”

tuala tagaloa tusani

For more information:

You can visit the ‘Where to get vaccinated’ page or call the Pacific COVID-19 vaccination number on 0800 211 221.

Watch the video on the ‘Unite against COVID-19 support and information for Pacific peoples’ page.

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