Covid controls remain at Middlemore ED entry

Latest News 28 April 2020 | Strict entry controls and procedures will remain in place at Middlemore Hospital’s Emergency Department in the Level 3 phase of the Coronavirus response.

While the risk of widespread COVID-19 spread appears to have been significantly reduced, the triage process of questioning visitors to the Emergency Department (ED) will continue. Middlemore has had 12 COVID-19 patients admitted to its specialist COVID and ICU wards, although a number were seen and discharged.

Dr Vanessa Thornton, the Head of the Middlemore Hospital Emergency Department said while the existing protocols around triaging and safe distancing will remain, anyone who has a genuine emergency will still be seen at the ED.

“However, people should use their judgement. If it is not an emergency, they should contact their doctor or medical centre first or ring health line,” she said.

“By maintaining our current triage process and procedures we’re ensuring the ED is a safe place to receive treatment and we can ensure that potential COVID-19 patients are separated from others attending the ED.”

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