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Crochet ‘Octopals’ provide comfort for premature babies

Latest News, 22 January 2019 | Counties Manukau Health is trialling a new comforter for premature babies. Crochet ‘octopals’ are made using 100 per cent cotton and to a very specific size for safety reasons.

So far, around 50 octopals have been provided to premature infants at the Kidz First neonatal unit.

They provide extra comfort not just for the little babies who believe the tentacles of the crochet octopus feels like the umbilical cords in the mother’s womb, but also for families who know they have a little friend to comfort them when they cannot be there. 

Octopals, which are provided by Octopus For a Preemie NZ, helps to stop babies from pulling out tubes and wires while in the incubator.

For more about how the little crochet octopals work, click here.

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