Donations of money will help support long term recovery of burn patients

Media Release 19 December 2019|In the wake of the Whakaari/White Island tragedy, Middlemore Hospital, host of the National Burns Service has been overrun with generous offers of help.

Members of the public, deeply moved by the tragedy, have offered food, accommodation and transport.

National Burns Service Coordinator Tracey Perrett says while such generosity is appreciated, the National Burns Centre has adequate equipment and resources to meet clinical needs. However donations of money would be of greater long term support to burn victims and their families.

Donations to the National Burn Centre, through the Middlemore Foundation, will go directly towards providing additional equipment and resources to better support patients and their families now and into the future

Ms Perrett says a burn injury is a massive assault to the body and patients with extensive burns face a long road to recovery.

 “There will be repeated trips to theatre and a long stay in hospital, during which time patients may face physical and geographic isolation,” she says.

 Money collected will go towards clinical equipment to treat patients and education to support staff looking after burn patients.

 Money will also go towards items which will help provide respite and distraction to patients experiencing a painful and difficult journey, she says.

 This might include furniture for whanaau rooms, access to iPads in order to Skype loved ones, access to TVs and additional resources.

“Recovering from a burn injury takes a lifetime. The person is dealing with huge grief and shock so the more we can do to give them comfort the better.”

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