Free shuttle service trialled for Middlemore patients and staff

Latest news 21 January 2019 | A free shuttle service is now available for outpatients and staff travelling between Middlemore Hospital and the Manukau SuperClinic.

Counties Manukau Health is providing the free service as part of a trial to reduce parking issues at Middlemore Hospital as well as encourage the use of public transport.

Patients with appointments at Middlemore Hospital who are able to independently exit and enter a bus via the steps have the option of parking at the Manukau SuperClinic and catching a shuttle to Middlemore Hospital upon producing their appointment letter to the driver.

The shuttle will run every 15 minutes and leaves Middlemore Hospital from the roadside opposite Kidz First main entrance. It leaves the Manukau SuperClinic from the back of the Surgery Centre.  A timetable can be found here

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