Latest news 11 October 2016 | Leah Bennett joined Clendon Family Health Centre 18 months ago as part of the NEPT Expansion Programme, fresh from Auckland University. She is the first new Bachelor of Nursing graduate to join the private clinic and now works four days a week as a Practise Nurse while completing a post-graduate certificate in Health Science and Advanced Nursing.

"I've always been interested in working with people and communities and nursing is a great way to do that," says 22 year-old Leah. "I'm particularly interested in youth health and working in a community and primary based nursing environment. When I discovered I could bypass working in a hospital and head straight to the community I was wrapt."

Leah says she's fortunate to be working with a great team of people who have been very supportive and helpful as she continues her nursing journey.

"The centre serves a high needs community so I'm involved in a variety of work across the entire life spectrum."

Leah had no idea she had been nominated for the Graduate Award by her colleagues.

"Leah has a hugely positive attitude to nursing and is always positive in her approach to people and new programmes. [She] shows humility as well as confidence when liaising with patients, doctors, hospitals and community providers.  Leah is happy to collaborate with patients, families, colleagues, hospitals, social workers, other health professionals and community groups. She always has the needs of the patient in the forefront of her mind and goes above and beyond to assist patients at every opportunity.  She values everyone's opinions and ideas and takes all these into account when presenting options to patients and their whanau.

"Outside of work, we know Leah is very kind and caring in her personal life too and dedicates a lot of time to Youth Health, and other community service projects.  She is honestly such a wonderful addition to our team and we feel so lucky to have her!"

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