Happy International Midwives Day – Thursday 5 May 2022

Each year, the 5 May is dedicated to celebrating Midwives and the work they do both in our hospitals and our community, supporting the next generation of Counties Manukau whaanau into the world.

Appreciating the work of all our midwives, is something our Chief Midwife, Christina Mallon, is passionate about and she is very proud of the work they do.  

"Thank you to all of our amazing midwives and student midwives. You are professional, passionate, courageous, loving and really do care. You work so hard around the clock, both in the community and our hospitals looking after our all our women and their babies. It doesn't matter what is going on in the world you are always there," says Christina.

To celebrate this special day, on Thursday, Christina and Sarah Nicholson, Deputy Midwife, will be distributing a small gift to every midwife at CM Health and a cake to each area for our Midwives and colleagues to enjoy.

At the end of the day, they will also be sharing a meal with our midwives in our community.

"We constantly get great feedback from women and whaanau about the care they received and the difference our midwives made for them.  I am extremely proud off all our midwives working in CM Health both in our hospital and community. Thank you and enjoy this day."

Happy Midwives Day!

International day of the Mid Wife DD

The symbol used by our Midwives is the Double Koru which symbolizes two unfolding fern fronds symbolizes the bonding within a family/relationship (In our context, a midwifery/whaanau relationship). As each frond unfolds to leave the protective circle, it reaches out for new life, new growth and so reflects the life cycle.​

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