Hepatitis C testing now available at selected pharmacies

Could you have Hepatitis C?

Many people who have Hepatitis C (Hep C) don’t even know about this virus, which can cause liver damage leading to a liver transplant or cancer.

If you have ever shared a needle including piercings, tattoos (professional or home tattoo) or have injected drugs using needles, you could be at risk.

Other risk factors for getting Hep C are; if you have had medical treatment in a high risk country (such as parts of Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe), a blood infusion before 1992, or your mother had Hep C.

Many people with Hepatitis C have no symptoms or don’t notice symptoms until many years after infection. The symptoms can be mild and broad ranging such as, tiredness, joint pain, loss of appetite, nausea and abdominal pain.

Fortunately getting tested for Hepatitis C is easy!

Getting checked to see if you have been exposed to Hep C is a FREE, easy, 5-minute test which can be done at a number of pharmacies in South Auckland.  

No appointment is needed and the service is confidential.

 “People who find out they do have Hep C are often relieved to know the reason for their tiredness or the symptom they have been experiencing and didn’t know why,” says Melissa Bentley, Project Manager, Pharmacy Services at Te Whatu Ora - Health New Zealand, Counties Manukau.

“The good news is that Hep C is now easily curable. The new medication is a short eight week course of tablets which is very effective and is well-tolerated. Testing for Hep C at pharmacy is the first important step.”

It you think you should be tested, talk with your pharmacist or family doctor.

Hepatitis C testing is now available at 17 pharmacies across South Auckland and its FREE!

Hep C testing locations:

Airport Oaks Pharmacy   - 149c Kirkbride Road -09 2750155
Unichem Mangere Pharmacy - 12 Waddon Place -09 2654929

Unichem Bairds Pharmacy -2/3 Watford Street - 09 2654920

Jaks Pharmacy Limited - 35 Cavendish Drive- 09 262 1815
ProHealth Manukau Pharmacy - 597 Great South Rd - 09 553 6509

Southmall Pharmacy - Unit F, 185 Great South Rd - 09 2676477
Unichem Leabank Pharmacy - 104 Weymouth Rd - 09 2669455

Clendon Pharmacy - Roscommon Road - 09 267 0143

Clover Park
Dawson Road Pharmacy - 124A Dawson Road - 09 274 8816

Botany Superclinic Pharmacy- 260 Botany Road  - 09 2771510

Life Pharmacy Pakuranga -10 Aylesbury Street, Shop 128, Pakuranga Plaza - 09 5768074

Countdown Pharmacy Pukekohe South -186-192 Manukau Road - 09 2373081
Unichem Pukekohe Pharmacy - 16 West street Pukekohe - 09 238 7690

Unichem Takanini Pharmacy - T3-226 Great South Road - 09 9515344

Papakura Marae Pharmacy -29 Hunua Road - 09 2986502

Family Health Pharmacy - 32B George Street - 09 2369930

Unichem Waiuku Pharmacy - 40 Queen St- 09 2359307


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