John Hanna – why I work at CM Health

What inspired John Hanna, our new Pharmacy Technician at Haumanu Pharmacy to move to Auckland and work here at CM Health?

“Christchurch is too cold” he laughs.

“I started my job here in May 2021. I moved to be close to my family who live in South Auckland and I am enjoying it so far. Auckland offers diverse cultures, friendly people, and lots of things to see and do.  I am glad I made the move to live here.”

John was born in Giza, Egypt, and moved to New Zealand in 2013.

Previously training as a veterinarian, John went on to study and become a Pharmacy Technician, working in a community pharmacy in Christchurch. He says he feels lucky to have been offered a job here at CM Health soon after arriving in Auckland.

“I wanted to work at CM Health because of the great working environment that allows me to learn and develop more in my career. I learn new aspects about my job every day.”

The aspects of his role that he enjoys is helping people every day and making a difference.

“I’m lucky to have the chance to meet all sorts of people from different backgrounds who are going through different situations. This gave me a chance to listen to them and offer help that may make a difference in their day or even their lives,” says John.

Welcome to the team John.

Tuesday 19 October is Pharmacy Technician Day where we celebrate and appreciate the important work that pharmacy technicians do every day.

We love celebrating the great achievements and work from our staff here at Counties!

Keen to be part of the part of our team where your mahi matters? Check out our clinical and non-clinical roles here.

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