Kelly’s journey – from near death to success

Twelve years ago, at the tender age of 21, Kelly came close to death, crashing her car not far from Middlemore Hospital.

Kelly was taken by ambulance to Middlemore Hospital’s Emergency Department. She was put into a coma and spent a total of eight weeks in ICU. The accident left her with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) among other serious injuries.

Today she is using her experience to educate young people.

“I was young, fell asleep behind the wheel and crashed and it was questionable as to whether I would survive or not.

“One moment changed my life and all these years later, I am grateful that I am still alive.”

Although she has no memory of her time in the hospital, she credits the staff with saving her life.

“They saved me. They’re all fantastic and I’m super grateful.”

Today, Kelly’s life is still affected by the accident and she suffers from balance and memory problems.

“I rely on my diary to remember things and keep everything on my phone.

“I spent a lot of years doing rehabilitation and striving to get better, even if progress felt slow.”

Determined to make something positive come out of her experience, she is now a professional speaker and visits schools to talk to kids and educate them about road safety.

“I still cry when I’m presenting because of the expression on the teenager's faces. They really do listen,” she says.

“I know I am getting through to them and spreading awareness about road safety. I have so many bookings now and it keeps me busy.”

Her recovery has been a long, brave and ongoing one. Yet Kelly approaches it with an amazing attitude, focussing on nutrition and exercise to help her through her journey.

“Nutrition is key to recovery,” says Kelly.

“My advice would be NOT to give up! I have just been riding my bicycle at the park, and I had the entire park to myself! Imagine if I gave up! I would have missed out on this life. I’m so grateful.”

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