Employee's 45 years of service at Middlemore Hospital

Latest News 27 January 2020 | Middlemore Hospital has been Rosa Tea’s workplace for more than 45 years.

Back in August of 1975, Rosa started at the hospital as a cleaner. After several roles in different ward kitchens, she was eventually transferred to the main kitchen when inpatient meals were contracted out.

Now having just turned 65, Rosa has no plans to slow down.

“I will listen to my body to tell me when to retire,” she says, with a smile.

While Rosa misses the interaction with doctors, nurses, patients and families from her earlier roles on wards, she loves the busy pace of the kitchen. Working from 630am to 3pm, Rosa covers the breakfast and lunch service for some 800 patients every day.

It can be stressful ensuring there is enough of each menu item, but Rosa says the team environment in the kitchen is positive.

A rotating menu helps keep the job from getting repetitive. She reckons the dish she has made the most is soup.

Rosa is as surprised as anyone by her impressive tally of service.

“It’s amazing that I’m still here.”


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