Latest News: Chief Medical Officer 18 November 2021

Today is day 93 of Auckland’s lockdown, and while public health restrictions have changed and children are returning to school, we urge the community to remain vigilant, continue to follow the rules, and get fully vaccinated.

Yesterday the Government announced the dates where Auckland borders will open and like everyone I look forward to the return of social freedoms, however I remain fearful for the unvaccinated people in our community.  

Please encourage your whaanau to reach out and talk to the right people and get vaccinated. I urge the community to not ease up on protection measures like mask wearing, frequent hand washing, and most importantly of all please get fully vaccinated.

We are expecting more cases in the community and we know vaccination will prevent most people from becoming critically unwell, but it doesn’t mean you won’t contract the disease and need time off work or school.

Act like you have COVID was the advice from some experts at the beginning of this pandemic. Today the situation has changed, and we now encourage people to have a plan in place in case the virus finds you.

It is important anyone who becomes unwell with cold or flu like symptoms stays home and gets a test. Make sure you call your Doctor, Medical Centre or Healthline and follow their advice.

Think about who your support person might be, how you might get food and supplies, and check that you’ve got some medication like paracetamol or aspirin at home ready to take if you need it.

If you test positive for COVID, stay home and isolate from others, monitor your symptoms and call for medical advice if your symptoms change. If you become breathless from mild exertion, feel nauseous, start vomiting or experience diarrhoea please call your GP, Medical Centre or Healthline and follow their advice. Please make sure you go to Hospital or call 111 if you feel very unwell.

Our hospitals are busy, but they are safe and there have been no transmissions of COVID-19 from patients or staff at Middlemore to date. Please don’t delay coming to hospital if you need too.

We are starting to plan for the Christmas and New Year. It’s been a tough year and its important everybody gets an opportunity for some rest and recovery. Acute and time sensitive treatments will remain fully resourced, but we are supporting our people to have a decent break from work.

As we move closer to the 90% target of our population being fully vaccinated, please continue to stay vigilant, get fully vaccinated, and have a plan in place for when you or your whaanau become unwell with COVID-19.  

Manaaki to hauora. Keep safe and well

Dr Pete Watson, Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Medical Officer
Counties Manukau Health

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