Make this festive season one to remember – for the right reasons

CM Health is urging everyone to take a few extra measures to keep safe this summer and help out our busy hospital.

Dr Pete Watson, Counties Manukau Health’s Chief Medical Officer, says many of the accidents and injuries usually treated at this time of year are avoidable.

“This is the time of year when the hospital is more likely to see injured people as a result of road accidents, drinking too much alcohol, diving into shallow water, or burns from their barbeques.

“By taking a bit of extra care while out and about, our community can help keep the number of patients needing care at the hospital to a minimum and enable us to focus our attention on patients who need it the most – those with life threatening emergencies.”

Dr Watson says alcohol remains the common denominator for many of the injuries at this time.

“Over the summer months up to one quarter of our Emergency Department patients are here as a result of alcohol related injuries so we’re asking our community to help us and they can do this by helping themselves.

“If we all ease up on the alcohol and take greater care on the road, around water, and when cooking it will go a long way towards ensuring this festive season is one to remember – for the right reasons.”

Dr Watson also reminded the community to continue to observe the COVID-19 protocols – practice good hand hygiene and cough etiquette, stay home if you’re unwell, keep a record of where you have been, and wear a mask or face covering when on public transport.

“If we continue to follow these simple directions we can continue to enjoy the freedoms we have all worked so hard for.”

People who are concerned about their drinking or would like information how to reduce their intake can visit or call 1737 to speak to a trained counsellor.

For more information on simple ways to protect yourself and others, and prevent future spread of COVID-19 please visit the Ministry of Health’s website.

Help reduce the number of presentations to ED:

  • Ease up on the drink
    • Don’t drink and drive
    • Swap the next drink for water
    • Swap the next drink for food
    • Skip the next round 
  • Water Safety
    • Don’t jump or dive into water unless you're sure it is safe
    • Wear a life jacket when you are on a boat
    • Take care on rocks if fishing
    • Keep an eye on children
    • Never swim alone
  • BBQ safety
    • Check for gas leaks
    • Keep your grill clean
    • Never leave your BBQ unattended
  • Drive safely
    • Take regular breaks
    • Drive to the conditions
    • Stick to the speed limit
    • Don’t be distracted by things around you (radio, phone etc.)

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