Making a healthy home

Winter is here - and unfortunately so are winter coughs, colds, and flu.   

Making sure your home is dry and warm can help your whaanau keep well.

AWHI is a free service for whaanau living in the Counties Manukau rohe who need support to make their home warmer, drier and healthier.  This can include home assessments and support with insulation and other necessary products. 

“We have nurses and other staff supporting implementation particularly in Kidz First and maternity and this has become normal day to day – to identify and support patients who may qualify for health homes assistance,” says Wayne Dawn, Service Manager, Kidz First, Te Whatu Ora Counties Manukau.

You can also contact AWHI directly 0800 100 AWHI (0800 100 2944) or find them on Facebook.

While insulating and heating your home is the best way to keep warm, there are other small, low-cost things you can do to help make your home healthier:

Open you curtains during the day and close them at night.

Open your windows during the day when the weather allows, even in winter, to get fresh air inside.

Open windows (ventilate) in the kitchen when you cook, and in the bathroom when you shower or take a bath, to let steam out.

Close doors to room you are not using to stop draughts.

Use bleach or white vinegar to remove mould from ceilings and walls.

Dry your washing outside or in the carport.

Water on your windows is usually condensation.  Wipe your windows down often to keep your home dry. 

Stop cold air getting into your home by stopping draughts around doors and windows. A simple towel or blanket laid at bottom of a door can prevent a draft coming through and help keep the house warm.

During cold winter nights, if you can - use an electric heater on a low thermostat setting in your bedroom. If you can’t afford to use your heater all the time, use it on low at night when people have coughs and colds.

If your children share a bed, try top and tailing when they sleep, rather than their heads next to each other to keep distance between them. Kids cough and sneeze when they are asleep, and this is how germs spread.

If you have a fireplace, when you aren’t using it – block the draft with something bulky-like a rubbish bag filled with newspaper - to stop the draught.  Make sure everyone knows to remove it before lighting the fire!

If you have timber floors, put a rug on timber floors to help keep warmth in.

You can visit this site for more tips and information available in Maaori/English, Samoan/English and Tongan/English: 

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