Maternity Ward raises the bar on patient experience feedback

Latest News 18 February 2019 | A new inpatient experience survey filled out before patients go home is attracting dramatically improved response rates.

The updated Inpatient Experience Survey for Maternity Ward South has been completed by more than 750 women since September 2017, compared to a previous survey response rate of only eight percent between July 2016 and June 2017.

Patient Safety and Quality Assurance Lead Lesa Freeman attributes the improved response rate to having Health Care Assistants (HCAs) support patients to complete the surveys on tablets before they go home, as opposed to waiting until after discharge when they are less likely to be focused on their experiences.

“This has been extremely successful, particularly with the HCAs on the ward who have really driven the project forward,” Dr Freeman says.

Some of the service areas surveyed include the quality of their care, the cleanliness, quality of the food, and if their cultural needs were met.

“Obtaining feedback on patients’ experiences is integral in ensuring the provision of safe, effective, integrated, quality care,” says Dr Lesa Freeman.

The same successful model will now be replicated throughout Women’s Health Services in 2019.


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