Meet SIMeon from NetworkZ

​Meet SIMeon, who has undertaken a contract training staff here at CM Health. His role is not for the faint-hearted, and he often finds himself with life-threatening injuries requiring surgery. 

What is his role, you wonder? Read on…


At first sight, you might think SIMeon looks a little different from our other staff, and you're right. 

SIMeon is the closest thing you can get to a human patient and is an important asset for NetworkZ, a national team training intervention programme for surgical teams. He looks and feels realistic; he bleeds when he's injured and even has a pulse. He can receive blood transfusions, have medicines injected and can even be anaesthetised.

Amy Ng-Thomson - Quality Clinical Specialty Nurse for Surgery, Anaesthesia & Perioperative Services, has been working with SIMeon for just under a year in the NetworkZ faculty and has just taken over in September as the NetworkZ Convenor.

"I am looking forward to the positive changes SIMeon can make within the perioperative team " says Amy. "We create scenarios where communication techniques are used to get vital information across or tasks done for patient care. One of the goals of NetworkZ is to teach communication, listening and speaking up skills."


The NetworkZ team develop a series of real-life enactments to train theatre staff and teams to work together. The training includes those who would typically be present in a normal operating theatre from the surgeons, anaesthetists, and theatre nurses through to the orderlies. The idea is to provide training as close to reality as possible.

The programme is funded by ACC, delivered by the University of Auckland, and supported by the Health Quality and Safety Commission.

NetworkZ has now been implemented at all 20 DHBs around New Zealand, including CM Health. They offer monthly training sessions for theatre staff – see your manager to attend one of the upcoming days. ​

Keep your eye out for future training information and details here.

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