New CT rooms and machine benefits both staff and patients

A special blessing was held at the in June for the refurbished Acute CT room in our Middlemore Hospital Emergency Department.

Not only was it in celebration of the upgraded rooms but also the new CT machine now at home there.

“The brand new CT scanner has been up and running for about three weeks now and we are delighted with the changes made. “

“About 19,500 patients pass through this scanner every year and the improvements in the scanner and the rooms will help us make diagnoses and guide treatment more accurately and quickly.” says Stuart Barnard, Clinical Director, Radiology.

“The room also has some lovely illuminated pictures of Tui on the ceiling to help put patients at ease. The enlarged control and reporting rooms allow us to work safely and efficiently. It is now a much bigger scan room and that makes it a safer place for our sickest patients."

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