New Dental facility for Counties Manukau

Media release 27 April 2018 | A new dental facility to be established at the Manukau SuperClinic will improve oral health outcomes for communities in Counties Manukau.

The facility, to be built by the University of Otago in partnership with Counties Manukau Health, will offer teaching as well as low-cost treatment provided, under supervision, by students in their final year of their Bachelor of Dental Surgery.

The initiative comes as a result of a Memorandum of Understanding signed by Counties Manukau Health and the University of Otago in 2014 towards the achievement of mutual goals.

Counties Manukau Health’s Director of Hospital Services, Phillip Balmer welcomes the new facility as a positive step towards addressing disparities in oral heath within the population.

“We recognise that poor oral health causes poor overall health, and we are always looking for service development initiatives to improve these indicators,” says Mr Balmer.

“There is a higher prevalence of tooth decay affecting Maaori and Pacific communities within Counties Manukau and having a dental school in Counties Manukau will make it much easier for our community to access the care they need. 

“People can also take their own steps to improve oral health by reducing sugar intake as an individual and as a family, taking care of their teeth through regular tooth brushing and seeking dental care if there are any problems.”

The two-storey facility will have 32 dental chairs, and will provide a range of outreach activities which will mean that Counties Manukau communities will get greater access to low cost dental services.

Design work is underway, with the University of Otago Faculty of Dentistry planning to consult regularly with the community in designing its services.  The project is due to start later in the year, and completed in 2020.


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