“I've never been so comfortable, cosy, assured and cared for since the pandemic began!”

It was a Tuesday morning in late February, amidst the current Omicron outbreak, when Malcolm awoke in pain.

An unhappy abscess and a trip to his doctors saw Malcolm on his way to Middlemore Hospital’s Emergency Department for surgery to drain his abscess, helping to avoid more serious problems like blood poisoning.

“An abscess can be pretty painful and dangerous too.” Malcolm explains.

As if an abscess wasn’t scary enough, Malcolm expected that arriving at ED would be just as nerve-wracking!

“When I arrived I went to the tent outside ED. It was the same day there was an article about the people testing positive with RAT tests outside Middlemore ED. So that caused a bit of worry at first.

“But from when I first walked in there - from the security doing the screening, to the receptionist and the nurses, everyone treated me with so much empathy and care. It was the exact opposite of what I had expected.”

During his stay, Malcolm recalls laying in the Surgical Assessment area just listening to the banter and communication between the staff explaining how it helped create a positive and pleasant atmosphere for him.

“Middlemore is often treated like the guilty cousin and I wanted to tell people what it’s really like to be in there especially now when there so much fear – but it was like heaven!

“I felt like a guest at a hotel, not a patient. I was treated like a priority with so much care.”

Malcolm is a South Auckland resident, a passionate community member, and active on Facebook community noticeboards.

“I shared my feedback on the local Facebook page thanking Middlemore Hospital staff for the work they do and because to fight fear you need courage, encouragement, and positive words.

“I've never been so comfortable, cosy, assured, and cared for since the pandemic began. Thank you those who work at Middlemore.”

The same sentiment was echoed by other members of the community replying with lovely positive feedback about our staff.

In a twist of irony, in the week that he has been home, Malcolm has shown a positive RAT test from a close contact at home.

“After all the talk about Middlemore, I picked up COVID-19 from somewhere else – just goes to show you.”


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