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New Mental Health Team for Pukekohe

Ngaa Raukohekohe Adult Mental Health and Addictions team

Latest news 28 March 2019 | A new Counties Manukau Health adult community mental health team launched this week at Pukekohe Hospital will provide easier access to mental health services for the local Franklin community.

The 15-strong Ngaa Raukohekohe Adult Mental Health and Addictions team is made up of existing staff and is the result of the reconfiguration of the specialist community Mental Health service.

“The literal translation of Ngaa Raukohekohe is The leaves that have been gathered together’ and that is very much our approach, to bring our services together so we can provide easy access and support for our community,” says Team manager John Moore.

“We are one of five adult community mental health teams that are spread across the Counties Manukau district and ours is the first to be based in Pukekohe.” 

The multi-disciplinary team consists of psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, psychologists, peer support specialists, administration, team manager and a clinical nurse specialist.

“Most of our staff call Franklin home so they are serving their community. Being based in Pukekohe hospital provides us with the opportunity to strengthen our working relationships with the other CM Health specialist services (Community Health, Public Health, Allied Health).  

“We also want to develop positive integration with the other providers delivering services within Franklin, particularly the primary care practices and the Mental Health & Addiction NGO’s,” says John.

“It’s about delivering mental health services in a local environment and ensuring services are joined up so that people receive care closer to home - our focus is on the needs of the person and their family/ whaanau. 

“We want to better integrate with other services to ensure that we have a ‘one stop shop’ where mental health and well-being is part of everyday conversation within our community.”


Guest at the opening of new mental health service in franklin

Guest attending the launch of a new Counties Manukau Health adult community health team at the Pukekohe Hospital


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