New tool improves clinicians access to health data

Latest News 23 January 2020 | A new data analysis platform at Counties Manukau Health will enable clinicians to better understand healthcare information collected by the hospital.

CM Health now has a licence to use the programme Qlik Sense. Qlik Sense allows healthcare workers to see health data as it happens in a transparent and easily-understood format.

Clinical Director Information Systems Tina Sun says better use of routinely collected data will improve patient care delivery.

“Democratisation and transparency of data will help services to identify areas of needs, and inequity gaps between patient groups which we are well aware of. It will also help resource management and service’s future planning and development,” Dr Sun, who is also a kidney specialist says.

CM Health was also a partner of a recent health data event – Hack Aotearoa AI in Healthcare Conference and Datathon, jointly hosted by Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences the University of Auckland and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Critical Data.

Along with many lectures about the use of big data in health care, delegates were able to participate in a Datathon, whereby teams of health professionals and data scientists worked together with international critical care datasets to address clinical challenges.

“Through involvement in Datathon, I am hoping to promote the awareness of how clinical data can be used to transform and improve care delivery,” Dr Sun explains.

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