Deputy Chief Midwife role created at CM Health

Latest News 2 July 2020| Counties Manukau Health’s new Deputy Chief Midwife comes to the role with 20 years’ experience as a lead maternity carer (LMC).

Sarah Nicholson says her experience, mostly in Counties Manukau, puts her in good stead for the newly established role which will focus on leadership and developing strategy and structure within midwifery.

Ms Nicholson says she has a strong understanding of the issues facing midwifery.

“I think it is a good to have a clinical background to go into leadership,” she says. “The scope of the role is massive and it does include the community.”

When Communications caught up with Ms Nicholson, the South Auckland local was waiting for the last expectant mother that she was providing care for to deliver her baby so that she could fully embrace the new leadership role.

Just as this last birth would be remarkable, so too was the first she attended, which happened to be at the Papakura birthing unit.

“I was with a wonderful, experienced midwife and I just thought, ‘Yep this is definitely the right career for me’. It’s the most important part of people’s lives and it’s a privilege really to be a part of that.  It doesn’t really get much more special or important I don’t think.”

She says she is “excited and daunted” about the new position but is definitely ready for a new challenge.

A key focus for her will be on enhancing links between midwives across the workforce.

She will also encourage the visibility of the midwifery care that is provided at home which is sometimes seen as the “Cinderella” of Midwifery, lacking the drama of the birthing room, but still essential.

“Sitting with someone in their home who has maybe just found out they’re pregnant is just as important for midwifery as providing complex care.”

As Deputy, Ms Nicholson will stand in for Chief Midwife, Chris Mallon when Ms Mallon is on leave.

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