Nurses - masters in humanities!

Growing up in the Philippines provided Clyde Ypil with resilience, coping skills and empathy – qualities that he puts to good use in our Emergency Department.

"Life in the Philippines is tough but it taught me a lot about compassion. You see many people struggle everyday and they still smile. It teaches you the important things in life. We are so lucky here in New Zealand."

Clyde completed his nursing training in the Philippines before coming to New Zealand in 2014.

Staring with CM Health in 2016, as a casual bureau Registered Nurse, Clyde moved to a permanent role in elderly care with Ward 5, Adult Rehabilitation and Health of Older People (ARHOP), before landing a role in our Emergency Department (ED), where he says he enjoys the action-packed shifts and adrenaline rush the role offers.

"Working in ED gives me the chance to make a difference to the lives of my patients and their whaanau. There’s a lot of variety too - from a simple finger injury to cardiac arrests, and that enhances my nursing skills," says Clyde.

"It is such a specialised, busy area and our team’s effort is what helped us survive working in Australasia's busiest ED during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"It is such a great honour for me and a testament to our team's resilience."

Clyde says "an altruistic value of looking after everyone" is what started his journey into nursing.

"When my grandma was unwell, I looked after her until she passed on from a terminal illness and that somehow motivated me to be a nurse. My mother also persuaded and encouraged me to be a nurse."

Clyde also wants to use his platform to encourage more men to the nursing profession, saying it is a rewarding and enjoyable role for anyone with a caring side.

"The caring profession is not limited. I see more men in these roles now and think it’s great. As nurses, we are all masters in humanities, no matter our gender."


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